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26 million mobilized. Hundreds of protests. A nation divided amongst many who believe that their way is the right way. What is the truth? What is the consensus? No one knows, so let's find out.









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About The National Consensus

What is The National Consensus?         

The National Consensus is an innovation to the concept of the national referendum. The National Consensus seeks to provide its users with a multicultural and multifaceted education to inform users on topics of national interest. Our organization will provide its users with a safe and secure place to speak their minds with individuals around the country, providing a wealth of diversity of thought and perspectives while maintaining an equal balance of gender representation throughout the process. 


Our ambassadors will lead the way, advocating for the idea that the best way forward is to advocate for the shared ideals of all Americans.


Our backer community will harness the power of working professionals with diverse backgrounds to support our innovative system of creating meaningful and lasting change by raising awareness and creating working connections.

Rise to the Occasion

If you believe creating an equal voice for all communities is paramount for progress, click here to learn more about our Ambassador and Backer programs.