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Our Process

The National Consensus brings the national referendum to US soil. It is the only platform in which its education and debate process directly leads to a vote to create a consensus with subsequent massive action on legal and lobbying fronts. Educate, debate, vote, and take action. Finally, unlike political action groups who ask for money so they themselves can take action, The National Consensus understands that the best and most qualified individuals who can help achieve the desired change may work for multiple different organizations, thus the need for a place to operate together, the Leadership Team.

The NationalDiscourse
The Docket

Why Join?

The National Consensus process is a system that works a lot like democracy: the more who participate, the better it works. Our process begins with common ground. The need to focus on the ideals that universally appeal to all Americans is the starting point for consensus, progress, and change for the better.

Benefit One : Learn the Basics

The National Consensus is different. We engage with passionate activists, experienced organizers, and brave everyday people who want to cut through the cable news noise. By pairing our user base with high-quality information and content, our users are more likely to engage in the national discourse. That is especially true when they feel their voices and opinions are being heard. Providing relevant branded content that provides clear, concise, and unbiased sourced data to our users is the first step toward The National Consensus.


Benefit Two : Debate the issues

Through the national discourse, our users discuss, debate, and engage with one another to crowdsource solutions to our country’s greatest crises. We employ a proprietary process to represent each cultural group in the US. This critical step ensures that it’s not just a majority of Americans who agree, but a majority of Americans across all cultural communities. Users educate themselves on a topic of national interest, debate to find solutions, and then vote on the best path forward.


Benefit Three : Speak your Mind

Users take a simple vote on proposed solutions. The votes are then processed through our proprietary algorithm that is designed to provide equal representation to all cultural communities in America. Through that process, the measures that receive a simple majority vote are added to The Docket. If an issue does not receive a majority vote during this process, it is set aside for additional debate. Additional measures and issues can be raised to pass through the same process. Once The Docket has majority approval from the participating communities, The Docket moves forward.


The Outcome : Massive Action

The complex challenges that face America today require in-depth solutions. The Docket is overseen by the Council of Ten and the Assembly of Activists who advise The Leadership Team in its pursuit for deep, structural change. The Docket’s wide acceptance by the general public will be because it has the unanimous backing by the individual cultural communities that make up America through a majority approval within each of these communities. Learn more..

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