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A National Referendum for the USA?

Updated: Jun 2

What does unity look like post 2020
A National Referendum

What does unity look like post-2020?

Introducing The National Consensus

2021 was a history-defining year in its first week. As a nation reflects on the events that got us here, we look to the future and hope it is one of civility, understanding, and peace.

We are Americans. We are a people of many backgrounds bound by the same constitution, united by shared values and a common purpose. As a community of Americans, we are no strangers to adversity. We fought for independence from the most powerful empire in history, yet here we are. In the Civil War, our unity was threatened, but when the smoke cleared, America stood united. During the Civil Rights movement of years past, our promise that all men are created equal was put to the test, yet we delivered historical change. Together we have stood the test of time and will yet still. America endures, a fact we must not forget.

The United States is a land where its people know that anything is possible because we have faced the impossible time and again and always persevered. By channeling our incredible diversity of opinion and vast wealth of perspectives into a single clarity of vision, through the strength of our unity it is possible to find the solutions to the greatest challenges facing our home. It is in this spirit that we introduce ourselves. Hi. We’re The National Consensus. We are here to develop a system to enable citizens of this country to articulate their collective opinion and collaborate to find solutions to the greatest problems of today.

Criminal justice reform is necessary because it affects us all. Equal Justice under the law is a constitutional right and whether that affects us indirectly or directly is of no import. This is the United States and we are a union of states and citizens. We were a union in the streets of Boston, at the fields of Gettysburg, at the shores of Normandy, and in front of our TV’s watching our heroes land on the moon. We have had many trials and have known division, even to this day, yet we have always managed to find the path to unity. Criminal Justice impacts the family unit to the tune of over two billion a year. It is too important to languish at the bottom of a legislative agenda affected by midterm elections or partisan gridlock. It is time that we the people take charge of our own destiny, speak directly to the issues that face us as a nation, and take massive action.

National unity around a single issue is possible. The social divisions in this country are deep, and the solutions are complicated but not unsolvable. We all saw and were shocked by the events of 2020 and early 2021, with the events such as the George Floyd protests and the capital riot. Many have their ideas on what the problems and solutions are, and many believe they are right, and others are wrong. The question is, what is the consensus? Consensus on change requires a greater understanding of one another and the issue at hand. The growth of misinformation, disinformation, and empty labels can distract and destroy any meaningful progress before it begins. Change, like our democracy, must be maintained and never taken for granted. If we are careless with our approach, the progress needed will be blunted, shrunken down and insufficient to meet the needs of our society.

Patriotism is the love of one’s country, and it is the people that make a country not a flag. Change is useless if it does not bring change that works for all of us. What sets apart The National Consensus is our ability to gain insight and agreement from groups of people across all demographics. Any consensus we create will lead to massive action to achieve the objectives of the consensus. To that end, we will pair our consensus with the talent required to achieve your objectives, and their work will continue until the job is done.

The path ahead is uncertain, and predictions are a fool’s errand. United, we will find that path forward. The National Consensus is ready to facilitate and support the introduction and arrival of the voice of you, your family, and your community to the national conversation.

Your voice, our action. If you are ready to find your voice and help the country create a criminal justice system worthy of us all, sign up here.