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The Digital Thanksgiving Table: The Answer to political division and Polarization

Updated: Jun 2

The Answer to political division and Polarization
The Digital Thanksgiving Table

The National Consensus is about facilitating a cordial dialog where people can meet halfway to discuss and find solutions to today's most important problems. Last year we saw that there is no shortage of passion and opinions. After all, roughly 15 to 25 million people protested the previous year. However, despite that, no consensus has been reached. There were also many counter protests at these protests where voices were snuffed out as both sides yelled at each other. What is the purpose of that? Do these actions lead to a consensus? When you are protesting in Portland, OR, having a discourse with fellow protesters, are you having a national discourse, or are you having a discourse with the people of Portland and the surrounding areas? Most likely the latter. Today, we will talk about how The National Consensus is going to use the "Digital Thanksgiving Table" to facilitate a cordial national discussion that hears every individual's voice so together we can come to a consensus that represents us all.

The National Consensus's national discourse can be summed up as a shuffling of cards, in which the cards are US citizens. A national discourse as defined by The National Consensus is a discourse that includes parity of the sexes, equal cultural representation, and equal representation of the cultural regions that make up the nation. This is done to ensure that the discourse and the following conclusive objectives that we collectively decide upon are representing the nation rather than the local region an individual resides in. For example, chances are any policy objectives unanimously agreed upon by Portlanders would run into opposition to the opinions and perspectives of a group of citizens hailing from rural Arkansas. If neither side is consulted, chances are lines will be drawn, sides will be taken, and we will be back where we started, polarized and divided as there is no mutual national consensus, just two separate consensuses of two groups at odds with each other. The National Consensus wants to start a conversation that enables those two groups and regions to converse with each other, get to know each other, and ultimately decide on objectives that represent the true national consensus of the American people. This may sound great, but if this is just a massive discourse where, like in a protest, your voice is just one in a sea of protesters being drowned out by thousands, your voice will not be heard, and we have failed. Perhaps this is why the digitized Thanksgiving table might save us all from political polarization and division.

Thanksgiving, the time of the year where our beloved, and in many cases politically divided, families come together at the dining table and have a conversation. Unlike a 100k strong protest, we do not have to yell at the top of our lungs just to be heard, if we are heard at all. Imagine yourself seated around the Thanksgiving table having a discourse with your family in an attempt to come to a consensus on which NFL team is going to win the Thanksgiving Day football game. Now, imagine the table is our platform and that your family members around the table are fellow US citizens around the country and the world, and, instead of coming to a consensus on what football team is going to win, they instead come to a consensus on a topic of national interest. That is the national discourse of The National Consensus. Closed, so not susceptible from influence by special interest groups. Small enough to give a fellow citizen the opportunity to gain the necessary insights from each other to change their potentially factually incorrect opinions. Diverse, so when you do come to a consensus and those opinions are collectively combined into The Docket, which is the physical and digital manifestation of the American people's national consensus, the desired change occurs because everyone was included in the conversation. Thus, there is no need for division. Thanksgiving just might save us all.

If you are interested in having a calm, cordial, and constructive discourse that can lead to tangible results due to factual data that can prove that the discourse and the collectively agreed-upon objectives have the literal backing of the word national consensus, then please subscribe today. We will be launching a crowdfunding campaign to make this a reality for you and your family. We would love you to join us on our journey to help every citizen have a voice and help unite the country once more thorough understanding and consensus and not division and polarization.

Your voice, our action. If you are ready to find your voice and help the country create a criminal justice system worthy of us all, sign up here.